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In our food, as in our ambience, we seek harmony.

Our dishes harmonize the flavors and aromas of Morocco, the Middle East and Africa with those of Andalusia, the Spanish Levante and the essence of the Mediterranean.
The ingredients of traditional Moroccan dishes, such as couscous or lamb tagine, coexist in the kitchen of our restaurant with vegetables and other ingredients that have always been common to the cultures around us and that are made special in our salads and taktukas.

We lovingly spice everything and sweeten it at dessert with cream and honey.


arab and mediterranean

Get to know our menu to embark on a journey of flavors and aromas:
varied starters, exotic dishes and classic dishes of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.
Moorish tea
Homemade bread
Calima Mojácar

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Proud of our village, Mojácar, a charming place, diverse in cultures and sensations, with the light of the Mediterranean.
Calima Mojácar

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